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A message from the Scoutmaster

Posted on Jan 19 2020 - 6:40pm

Recent Troop 281 Events.  On 1/18/2020, Troop 281 held a Family Snow Day at Clair Tappaan lodge.  A total of 35 people attended: 26 from Troop 281 and 9 from Pack 305.  You could not ask for a better day to go play in the snow.  There was a fresh blanket of snow that had fallen only two days ago.  The trails were groomed.  The weather was fantastic.  The chili with cheese and hot chocolate hit the spot and gave everyone energy to go sledding and snow shoeing.  

Troop 281 Meeting on 1/21.  Troop 281 will hold a Troop meeting on 1/21/21 at 7:00pm at Gold River Discovery Center. 

Pack 281 Pinewood Derby on 1/24.  We Need You!  You remember how much fun the pinewood derby was when you were a cub scout.  Re-live the fun of the Pinewood Derby by helping Pack 281 with their Derby.  Troop 281 Scouts will helping check in cubs and their cars, running cars up to the starting line, and helping with organization.  Scouts should wear their field uniform (tan shirt and green pants).  Be at Gold River Discovery Center in the multi-purpose room not later than 6:00pm on Friday, January 24, 2020.

Patrol Leader’s Council on 1/28.  Scout leaders from Troop 281 should plan on attending the Patrol Leader’s Council on 1/28/2020 at Gold River Discovery Center at 7:00pm.  We will be planning the details of our February meetings.  This is an important event to help put together a fun February. 

Want to see photos of recent Troop 281 events?  Check out the "Shutterfly Photos" link on the menu on the left side of the Troop 281 website.  

Yours in Scouting,
Scoutmaster Block

Troop 281 Christmas Tree Recycling

Posted on Jan 5 2020 - 5:14pm

Great Job with Christmas Tree Recycling this year!  Working together, Troop 281 recycled over 220 Christmas Trees, and had a lot of fun doing it.<

Family Snow Day

Posted on Jan 1 2020 - 11:34am

Troop 281 is hosting our annual family snow day at Clair Tappaan lodge on 1/18/2020.  In the past, this has been one of our biggest events of the year.  Entire families attend to play in the snow and generally have a great time.

To learn more about Clair Tappaan Lodge, go to https://clairtappaanlodge.com

Please sign up on our website so we know how many people to expect, and we bring enough chili.

Webelos and their families are invitied . . . just email Scoutmaster Block, or use the "Contact Us" link on this webpage to let us know you are coming!

What can you do at Clair Tappaan Lodge?

- Put those snow shoes on and go for a hike (or rent some at the lodge)
- Practice cross country skiing (you can rent them at the lodge)
- Build a snow fort and throw snowballs
- Dig snow tunnels
- Ride your sled
- Have a great time with friends

Be a Merit Badge Counselor!

Posted on Apr 1 2019 - 9:25pm

The Merit Badge Counselor is a key player in the Boy Scout advancement program. Whatever your area of expertise or interest—whether it is a special craft or hobby (basketry, leatherwork, coin collecting), a profession (veterinary medicine, aviation, engineering), or perhaps a life skill (cooking, personal management, communications)—as a Merit Badge Counselor, you can play a vital role in stirring a young man's curiosity about that particular topic. By serving as a Merit Badge Counselor, you offer your time, knowledge, and other resources so that Scouts can explore a topic of interest.

Boards of Review

Posted on Sep 30 2018 - 6:55pm
  • A Scout officially earns his rank when he successfully completes his Board of Review (“BOR”).
  • BOR’s are arranged by the Advancement Chair, typically the night of the 1st monthly Troop meeting
  • Scouts, PLEASE request your BOR 5 days or more before it's scheduled!
  • Troop BOR’s are comprised of 3-6 Troop Committee members. Members of the Scout’s family, the SM and ASM’s may not serve on a Scout’s BOR.

“Scout” is the only rank for which there is NO Board of Review. Eagle palms also do not require a BOR.

On the Path to Eagle - Organization

Posted on Jan 23 2016 - 5:02pm

When being organized just doesn’t come naturally…

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