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Christmas Tee Recycling
You can count on our Troop to recycle your Christmas tree after the holidays! Click on the link "CHRISTMAS TREE RECYCLING INFO" in the left navigation menu for more information and to make a reservation for us to pick up your tree. 

About Troop 281
We are a close-knit group of Scouts and their families who enjoy many fun activities and community service projects throughout the year. Our focus is on fostering teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and life skills while working together in a fun and inclusive environment.

For more information on our Troop, please call 916.668.9281

December meetings plus Citizenship in Society Merit Badge

Posted on Dec 4 2022 - 2:31pm

Reminder, we are meeting at the GRDC school from now on. 

On Tuesday Dec 6th is our Court of Honor. Please wear your Field Uniform (Class A) with sash. 

Dates and Changes

Posted on Nov 16 2022 - 4:20pm

I've postponed the Weather Merit Badge to next year. Here are some new dates, they are not on the calendar yet: 

Court of Honor - Dec 6th - Full Field Uniform with Sash

Need Parents for Diablo Trip

Posted on Nov 13 2022 - 8:30pm

This week is a planning week for the Diablo trip. If any adults are able to attend please let me know. At this time we cannot maintain two deep leadership.
We need to have a gear check for Mt. Diablo. Please bring your fully packed gear to be verified you are safe for this cold weather trip.
This week is also our last week at VFW. We will be switching to the GRDC campus starting next month. 

A cleaned an organized locker

Posted on Nov 6 2022 - 3:55pm

Thank you to those who helped clean out the locker over the weekend! What an amazing difference. To whom ever still has the patrol kit, please do not buy any supplies as we found a lot in the locker. Also we may be able to trade around some containers to save money. For those who put stuff in and out of the locker, the goal is going to be for all camping stuff to be directly in front of the door, Christmas tree things on the right and court of honor supplies on the left. There’s some exceptions, but in general that is the layout we are looking to have. We’re not quite there yet because there is a little more organize to do. I’ll ask PLC if we can use some patrol time at a meeting in January for reorganizing the patrol kits. 

Prepare for camping and biking!

Posted on Oct 23 2022 - 11:36am

This weekend will be our camping and biking trip. Please make sure you use checklists to make sure you have everything. 
We will meet at the Bel Air on Wednesday at 7pm, for anyone who can make it, to buy food for the trip. Please see the camping plan i sent out. If you are worried about equipment, come to the PLC and we can do a gear check. Next month we will make gear checks mandatory because we are starting to need to make sure everyone has the right equipment. 

Tuesday is a special flag ceremony and meeting - note the time change

Posted on Oct 16 2022 - 12:52pm

Remember, we are at the GRCA for a flag raising ceremony on Tuesday. Meet there at 6 pm in your full Field uniform (Class A). The actual flag ceremony will be at 6:30 but we will get organized and practice a little beforehand. After there is some space behind the offices where we can hold our meeting. We will be planning the bike/camping trip. If possible, please bring the sleeping bag you intend to use on the camping trip so we can check it. 

11715 Gold Country Blvd (Gold River Community Assoc offices)

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