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Thank you for visiting our Troop 281 website! We are a close-knit group of Scouts and their families who enjoy many fun activities and community service projects throughout the year. Our focus is on fostering teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and life skills while working together in a fun and inclusive environment.

For more information on our Troop, please call 916.668.9281

No meeting on 5/31

Posted on May 26 2022 - 6:44pm

Don't forget no meeting this week. 

PLC this week

Posted on May 22 2022 - 3:24pm

PLC is this week! Everyone is invited. Please keep an eye on this space as we will be figuring out what meetings we will have over the month of June. I will be out of town for a couple of the weeks. So we will have an updated calendar as soon as we are done.
WE NEED PARENTS for Camp Winton. Even if you can be there for part of the week, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Troop meeting is at GRDC

Posted on May 15 2022 - 8:58pm

Just a reminder that our troop meeting is at the GRDC park this week. Just in case the Museum is still remodeling. 
If you have camping equipment to turn in, I will be at the locker right before the meeting to put the things I have away. You can meet me there. 

Court of Honor

Posted on May 8 2022 - 9:14pm

Tuesday (6:30 pm) is our Court of Honor at the . This is where we celebrate all of the great achievements every scout has accomplished since our last one (December, I think). Scouts please bring your parents, especially if you ranked up. Scouts should wear Field Uniforms (the "Class A", brown shirts and green pants) and your sash with your merit badges. Parents do not have to dress fancy, unless you want to.
As super shout out to our scouts who won first place at Battleship at Camporee. We had a great time and learned several new things. 
Lastly, a HUGE round of applause for ASM Scheffelin who put on an amazing STEM area at Camporee. He has some really neat STEM related things coming up, please stay tuned to this channel for more info. 

Lots of things!!

Posted on May 1 2022 - 4:46pm

We have a lot of things happening every few days this month! Please keep an eye on the calendar. 

We need to make sure we have a Camporee all planned tomorrow while at the VFW. Please make sure you check in with SM Rubio so we can make sure we have enough tents and equipment. 
Shopping is on Wednesday at the Bel Air.
Camporee meet-up is Friday at 5 at GRDC.

PLC this week!

Posted on Apr 24 2022 - 7:35pm

PLC is this week! All new leaders please attend! Everyone is invited. We will go over peoples roles, and figure some things out. We are all in this together!
Also please note that I told scouts that our Court of Honor on 4/10 was at the Museum. This is incorrect, it is at VFW. 

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