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Thank you for visiting our Troop 281 website! We are a close-knit group of Scouts and their families who enjoy many fun activities and community service projects throughout the year. Our focus is on fostering teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and life skills while working together in a fun and inclusive environment.

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Physical Fitness is for everyone

Posted on Oct 2 2022 - 6:34pm

Wow! What a month we have planned. But first, please extend a special thank you to Mr. Soriano for running the Physical Fitness Merit Badge sessions. It is a lot of planning to get these done, and we are super appreciative. AND physical fitness is for everyone, So if you as parents have been putting off New Years resolutions for years, now is your chance to make a plan with your scouts. Parents can test every week too!
Please see my note about signing up for camping at the end of this month. I'm a little behind in making the reservations, so i want to make sure we have a good campout and bike ride. 

Courts of Honor!

Posted on Sep 18 2022 - 7:27pm

Thank you to everyone who participated and attended the incredible triple Eagle Courts of Honor. It was such a joy to see so many of us there. Our very own Troop's Court of Honor is Tuesday. Thank you to the parents in advance for making this happen.

We start meeting at VFW and changes to the 9/27 meeting

Posted on Sep 11 2022 - 11:17am

Reminder that we start meeting at the Veterans of Foreign Wars facility off Hazel Ave. This is a great place because it has a lighted gazebo and tables. There are tables and benches, but parents, probably should bring a chair just in case. 
Because we didn't have a meeting on the first Tuesday, I'd like to have a regular meeting on the fourth Tuesday (9/27) meeting and do our Personal Fitness merit badge assessments. The PF merit badge takes a few months to complete (as you come up with a plan for improvement and then need to track it). PLC will be moved to a Thursday for those who can make it. 

Trail to First Class / Advancement Help

Posted on Sep 4 2022 - 8:39am

We will not have a normal Troop meeting on Tuesday. A few scouts need some requirements signed off to rank up to the next level. SM Rubio will be at the Starbucks near the Bel Air in Gold River for anyone who wants to come in and get some requirements signed off.
Stay cool and stay hydrated.

Back to school!

Posted on Aug 21 2022 - 1:42pm

School is back! That means many more activities. During this time, please remember that scouting is here for you. Scouting never requires perfect attendance, both for meetings nor activities. We ask that everyone tries to find a balance between school, sports, and scouts. 
This Tuesday is PLC (Patrol Leader Council). Everyone is invited. We will plan the next month and put some final touches on the annual plan. I'd also like to get the unranked members of our a troop to the scout level. If you are free before our meetings (like 6:30pm), please let me know. There is some homework for scouts to do (such as learn the Scout Oath and Law). We should be able to get them moving rather quickly.

A question for the troop

Posted on Aug 14 2022 - 3:24pm

Would anyone be interested in Kyburz is the Union Valley B-17C Crash Trail on Sunday Aug 14? The trail is marked as easy, but according to the comments is going to require some maps and work to figure it out. I think it is scouting level difficulty. 

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